Accident Investigations and Lessons Learned

The NOAA Small Boat Standards and Procedures Manual, Section 10 covers NOAA's policies on accident reporting and investigations.

There are several significant NOAA accidents that have provided lessons to be learned for the entire NOAA small boat community. There are also many "close calls" that could have resulted in a larger casualty or damage to a boat, her crew, or the environment. The goal of these pages are to attempt to prevent accidents by learning through others' near misses or mistakes. If you are a small boat operator and you have a valuable lesson that you have learned please forward your story to the Small Boat Manager to include in this repository of corporate knowledge. Your identity and NOAA affiliation can remain anonymous only if sent directly to the NOAA Small Boat Program Coordinator. Information collected may eventually be used to assist in prioritizing and funding noted or repetitive safety issues.

Lessons learned from specific NOAA casualties or accidents

Other Agencies

U.S. Coast Guard
National Transportation Safety Board
Department of Interior
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Small Boat Safety Program Vision:
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