Boat Inventory

The NOAA Small Boat Program maintains a master hull inventory which is located in the OMAO Fleet Wiki. Use your NOAA email username and password for access.

Have a good picture of your boat? Send it to the SBP Manager and include it in our gallery.

National Ocean Service boats

R/V Auk R/V Bay Commitment Bay Hydrographer R/V Kohola R/V Fulmar Gannet R/V Hawk Joe Ferguson R/V Laidly Manta Odyssey R/V Peter Gladding Point Monroe Sam Gray R/V Shearwater Tatoosh launch R/V Bay Hydro II NGS research vessel Swaps II R/V Hihimanu R/V SRVx R/V Shark Cat

National Marine Fisheries Service boats

Aldo Leopold Caretta Coho Columbia electric barge Gandy Gloria Michelle Green Weenie Harlingen Harold B Harold W. Streeter Fisheries ship hst Skiff F1801 Murrelet Muskrat Nauvoo Quinnat Rhinotto Silqua Titusville Victor Loosanoff Zoster III Hurricane Typhoon

Office of Atmospheric Research boats

Huron Explorer R/V Laurentian Shenehon Stanley P. Hayes Samuel F. Hildebrand


Office of Marine and Aviation Operations boats

M/V 2809


Small Boat Safety Program Vision:
Be the center of expertise for: guidance; training; metrics, both for safety and management; and coordination of regional assets