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Vessel Inventory Management
NOAA Administrative Orders
NAO 209-125 NOAA Small Boat Safety Program
Small Boat Program section of the OMAO Wiki (NOAA email username and password required to login)
NAO 201-6 Official Flags of NOAA
OMAO Document Management System (must be within NOAA Trusted Campus Network, VPN, or VSAT)

External Web Links

The following links may be useful to the NOAA Small Boat Community. The links to non-government sites are not an endorsement of the organization. This is by no means an exhaustive list of web-based small boat resources and therefore additional useful site addresses are appreciated. Send your useful link to the Small Boat Coordinator.

Navigation Publications & Resources

Light Lists
Local Notice to Mariners (LNM)
USCG Nav Pubs Library
US Chart No. 1: Nautical Chart Symbols, Abbreviations and Terms
US Notice to Mariners (NtM)
United States Coast Pilot

Regulatory Information

International Maritime Organization (IMO)
American Bureau of Shipping
American Boat and Yacht Council
Code of Federal Regulations
US Code
USCG Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circulars (NVIC) - click on "Library" at
USCG Marine Safety Manual - click on "Library" at
USCG Navigation Center - Marine Communications
USCG Office of Boating Safety
UNOLS Small Boat Compendium
EPA - Marine Diesel Engines
Flag Etiquette - Laws and Regulations
Searchable database of USCG approved and certified equipment for use on commercial and recreational boats
EPIRB Registration Form


USCG Seamanship Manual - a comprehensive collection of information for the small boater
USCG Aids To Navigation Seamanship Manual - information on rigging and weight handling practices
Certified OSHA crane inspectors

Safety & Medical

USCG Health, Safety and Work-Life - Medical Publications and Directives
-- Office of Safety and Environmental Health
-- Lifeboat & Liferaft Survival Equipment
Ship's Medicine Chest and Medical Aid at Sea
USCG Approved First Aid Kit Contents for Lifeboats
The Ship Captain's Medical Guide

Operator Training

USCG Licensing and Documentation
Houston Marine
Pacific Maritime Institute
Fremont Maritme Services
Paul Hall Center
Hampton Roads Maritime Training Center
Maritime Professional Training


USCG Risk Management
USCG Operational Risk Management

Subscription/News Sites

Maritime Today
Maritime News
National Fisherman
Professional Mariner
Practical Sailor

Other Links

Great Lakes Association of Science Ships
USCG Prevention Through People (PTP) Program
UNOLS Small Research Vessel Inventory
Environmentally Friendly Boating Supplies

Small Boat Safety Program Vision:
Be the center of expertise for: guidance; training; metrics, both for safety and management; and coordination of regional assets