Small Boat Safety Board (SBSB)

The Small Boat Safety Board members are:
  • Dennis Donahue - OAR and NWS LOSBO, SBSB Chairperson 231-755-5173
  • LCDR Nicola VerPlanck - SBP Manager 206-553-0258
  • Wayne Hoggard - NMFS LOSBO, 228-549-1766
  • Chad Yoshinaga - NMFS, 808-725-5391
  • Dana Wilkes - NOS LOSBO, 206-390-8073
  • LT Ben LaCour - NOS, 301-713-3074  x 177
  • Tim Donaldson - OLE LOSBO, 912-267-2342
  • Kevin Ivey - OMAO, 301-713-7600
  • CAPT (ret.) John Humphrey - OMAO, 301-713-7704
  • Joe Duran - SECO, 206-526-6049

The SBSB was established by authority of NOAA Administrative Order (NAO) 209-125: NOAA Small Boat Program. According to the NAO the SBSB serves in an advisory capacity to the Director, OMAO, and is the technical authority for matters pertaining to small boats. The SBSB shall:

  1. Develop, maintain, review, and approve this Order;
  2. Prepare, clear, issue, maintain, and distribute the NOAA Small Boat Standards and Procedures Manual (the Manual). The SBSB shall review and revise the Manual, as necessary, in order to keep it current with applicable policies and regulations and to maintain the ability to adapt to changes involving technology and/or safety within the marine community. The Manual, and its future updates, will be issued via sequentially numbered Transmittal Sheets;
  3. Develop, evaluate, and maintain a set of basic qualifications standards for small-boat operators and crew;
  4. Approve basic small-boat training requirements and approve all policies, standards, and operating procedures developed under the Manual (including all SSBP and SBOMs);
  5. Establish criteria and tools for small-boat operational risk assessments;
  6. Identify and promote “best in class” safety practices for boat operations;
  7. Establish minimum criteria for SSBPs and SBOMs;
  8. Determine reciprocity or substitution of small-boat operator and crew qualifications with similar qualifications of other agencies, organizations, or training programs;
  9. Serve as a policy and implementation advisor to the Small Boat Program;
  10. Evaluate data and trends gathered from operational, inspection, and incident reporting statistics and initiate appropriate actions;
  11. Address other boating-related matters as requested by NOAA management and/or as deemed appropriate by the SBSB;
  12. Inform NOAA management of significant small-boat management issues;
  13. Maintain a compilation of small-boat inventory and compliance records;
  14. Provide subject matter expertise for issues relating to the small-boat community;
  15. Provide guidance to the Director, OMAO, regarding Requests for Waivers to the provisions of this Order and of the Manual;
  16. Respond to questions and concerns raised by the small boat community; and
  17. Review boating incident/accident reports and initiate appropriate actions.
Further details on the Small Boat Safety Board's roles and responsibilities can be found in the Small Boat Safety Board Charter in the NOAA Small Boat Standards and Procedures Manual.

SBSB meeting minutes are available on the OMAO Fleet Wiki (NOAA email username and password required for login).

Small Boat Safety Program Vision:
Be the center of expertise for: guidance; training; metrics, both for safety and management; and coordination of regional assets