Section 12 of the Standards and Procedures Manual covers inspection policies and requirements for all classes of small boats.

Mandatory Online Reporting of ASBE, SBEX, and Trailer Evaluations

*** After completing the inspection you must report your findings to your LOSBO and the Small Boat Program via the links below. ***

Annual Small Boat Evaluations (ASBE) and Annual Trailer Evaluations (ATE)

All active Class A, I, and II boats are required to undergo an ASBE each year with the results reported through the chain of command to the Small Boat Program. All active boat trailers are required to have an ATE with the results reported through the chain of command to the Small Boat Program.

NOAA Small Boat Program Official ASBE/SBEX and ATE Checklists

Small Boat Examinations (SBEX)

The SBEX is a thorough examination of a small boat by the Small Boat Program, or by a surveyor whose certification has been accepted by the Small Boat Safety Board (SBSB), whichever is most cost-effective. The following certifications have been approved:

  1. Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS®)
  2. National Association of Marine Surveyors (NAMS)
  3. USCG Marine Inspectors (This does NOT include the CG Auxiliary or US Power Squadron free Vessel Safety Checks)
  4. OEM certified technicians providing service as a manufacturer representative or inspector (e.g. hull manufacture'r representative, engine manufacturer's representative)
  5. Others to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and approved by the Small Boat Safety Board.
SBEX are conducted at the following frequencies:
  • Class II - Every 2 years
  • Class I - Every 3 years
  • Class A and non-motorized canoes, kayaks, and rowboats - exempt from SBEX, but MUST conduct ASBEs

Class III and SRV Inspections

Class III vessels and SRVs are inspected annually by the Small Boat Program. Several select Class II vessels are also inspected by OMAO due to their engineering complexity, nature of their work, and/or remote areas of operation. Contact the Small Boat Program Vessel Inspections Coordinator, Darel McCormick for scheduling, arrangements, and guidance.

The NOAA Small Boat Program Class III & SRV Annual Inspection Book is the standard of inspection being applied to these vessels.

Inspection reports and corrective actions taken are to be routed via the instructions in the attached memo dated April 5, 2011.

Small Boat Safety Program Vision:
Be the center of expertise for: guidance; training; metrics, both for safety and management; and coordination of regional assets