Section 4 of the Standards and Procedures Manual has full details on the Small Boat Program's training requirements.

Be aware that Supplemental Small Boat Policies may impose further training requirements beyond what the SBP requires.

Other Useful Training Information & Links
  • Planning Near Shore or Surf Zone Operations
  • Trim and Stability Awareness - This link is critical to safe research motorboat operations and is intended to highlight one of the greatest risks in conducting research operations from small boats: handling or carrying (aka "shipping") heavy weights on small boats. A basic knowledge of stability is critical for the small boat operator to recognize and avoid operations which could represent unacceptable risk.
  • USCG Licensing Information
  • ABYC Training Courses
    • Basic Marine Electrical Systems
    • Marine Electrical Systems I
    • Marine Electrical Systems II
    • Electrical Trouble Shooting
    • ABYC Standards Accreditation
    • Accident Investigation
Small Boat Safety Program Vision:
Be the center of expertise for: guidance; training; metrics, both for safety and management; and coordination of regional assets